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EDF Energies Nouvelles
S.A. (corporation)
FoundedParis, France (2004)
FounderPâris Mouratoglou
HeadquartersParis, France
Key people
Antoine Cahuzac (CEO)
ProductsElectricity generation and development.
Revenue€1.358 million [1]
Increase €306 million (2016)[2]
Number of employees
3 108 (2016)[2]
ParentÉlectricité de France

EDF Énergies Nouvelles is a French renewable energy Group with more than 9 GW of renewable energy worldwide. As an integrated operator, the Group develops and finances the construction of renewable energy facilities, and manages operations and maintenance for its own account and for third parties.

Wind power is the primary sector of activity of EDF Energies Nouvelles. It represents more than 87% of EDF Energies Nouvelles' total installed capacity mainly spread over North America and Western Europe. Solar photovoltaic development is EDF Energies Nouvelles' second growth priority.

EDF Energies Nouvelles is a wholly owned subsidiary[3] of French electric utility EDF.

EDF Energies Nouvelles is primarily involved in the production of wind power in Europe and the United States, although it is investing heavily in solar energy. It also has interests in marine energy (tidal stream generator) and energy storage. EDF Energies Nouvelles operates in 21 countries and has recently entered new emerging markets (South Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and China).


1999 : First investments in wind energy of SIIF, founded by Pâris Mouratoglou.

2000 : EDF acquires of a 35% stake in SIIF Energies.

2002 : EDF raises its shareholding up to 50%. EDF Energies Nouvelles enters the US market and acquires EnXco that become EDF Renewable Energy.

2004 : SIIF Energies changes its name to EDF Energies Nouvelles.

2006 : IPO (Euronext Paris).

2007 : the Group ramps-up in the solar photovoltaic segment and diversifies in new sectors of activity such as biogas and marine energies.

2011 : EDF owns 100% of EDF Energies Nouvelles. EDF Energies Nouvelles withdraw from Euronext Paris.

2012 : Ramps-up in the offshore wind energy segment and entries in four new countries: Poland, Israel, Morocco, South Africa.

2013 : New market conquest: India.

2015 : Entry in Brazil and Chile.

2016 : Entry in China.

Core Businesses[edit]

Onshore and offshore wind power[edit]

With 87% of its total installed capacity mainly spread across Europe and North America, wind power has become EDF Energies Nouvelles' primary sector of activity. Wind energy is the main growth driver of EDF Energies Nouvelles.
In December 2016, EDF Energies Nouvelles accounts 8,495.1 MW of wind power in operation in 16 countries and 1,220.8 MW of wind power under construction.[4]

The Groupe has also become a leading player in offshore wind power, with two offshore windfarms owned in Belgium (C-Power) and in the UK (Teesside).

EDF Energies Nouvelles pursues its development in France with three structuring projects, won in a French Government's call for tenders[5] representing around 1 500 MW in Saint-Nazaire,[6]Courseulles-sur-Mer[7] and Fécamp;[8]

Photovoltaic solar sector[edit]

Solar represents the second axis of development of EDF Energies Nouvelles. The Company develops ground-based PV plants. In France, EDF Energies Nouvelles supplies in-roof solar solutions for private consumers and professionals. It has activities in the solar power industry across 9 countries and has a gross 899.7 MWc of solar power in operation and 547.5 MWc in construction.[9]



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