Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

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The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario is one of the Anglican Church of Canada's four ecclesiastical provinces. It was established in 1912 out of six dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada located in the civil Province of Ontario, and the Diocese of Moosonee from the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land.

The seven dioceses are:

Provinces of the Anglican Church of Canada are headed by a Metropolitan, elected from among the province's diocesan bishops. This bishop then becomes Archbishop of his or her diocese and Metropolitan of the Province. The current Metropolitan of the Province of Ontario is the Most Rev. Colin Johnson, Archbishop of Toronto, who succeeded Archbishop Caleb Lawrence of Moosonee in 2009.

The Metropolitan presides at the triennial meeting of the Synod of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. The next Synod will take place in 2018. In addition, the Metropolitan presides at electoral synods and the consecration of bishops in the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario.

Metropolitans of Ontario[edit]

Order Name Diocese Dates
1st Charles Hamilton Archbishop of Ottawa 1912–1914
2nd George Thorneloe Archbishop of Algoma 1915–1926
3rd David Williams Archbishop of Huron 1926–1931
4th James Sweeny Archbishop of Toronto 1932–1932
5th Charles Roper Archbishop of Ottawa 1933–1939
6th John Anderson Archbishop of Moosonee 1940–1943
7th Charles Seager Archbishop of Huron 1944–1948
8th John Lyons Archbishop of Ontario 1949–1952
9th Robert Renison Archbishop of Moosonee 1952–1954
10th William Wright Archbishop of Algoma 1955–1974
11th James Watton Archbishop of Moosonee 1974–1979
12th Lewis Garnsworthy Archbishop of Toronto 1979–1985
13th John Bothwell Archbishop of Niagara 1985–1991
14th Edwin Lackey Archbishop of Ottawa 1991–1993
15th Percy O'Driscoll Archbishop of Huron 1993–2000
16th Terence Finlay Archbishop of Toronto 2000–2004
17th Caleb Lawrence Archbishop of Moosonee 2004–2009
18th Colin Johnson Archbishop of Toronto 2009–present

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