Eden Quay

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Liberty Hall visible in the background, on the eastern edge of Eden Quay

Eden Quay (Irish: Cé Eden) is one of the Dublin quays on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin. The quay runs the bank between O'Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge. The quay is bisected by Marlborough Street and Rosie Hackett Bridge, roughly halfway along its length. The quay is also designated R105 as part of the Irish regional roads convention.

Liberty Hall dominates the eastern end of the quay, while at the opposite end is the Irish Nationwide building, noted for its destruction by the Royal Navy during the Easter Rising.

Activity on the quay is made up of a strip club and bar, along with a hotel and bar, an amusement arcade, a comedy club (the Laughter Lounge; built on the site of a former cinema), an assortment of smaller offices, a language school, the Wiley Fox pub and three newsagents.

The Quay is a major terminus for Dublin Bus services to the north east of the city and to the south (bank-side). 22 routes start here, while another five go through the location.[1]

The Liffey Boardwalk covers the length of the quay.