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Illuminated Portrayel of King Duarte I of Portugal, Rui de Pina.PNG
Eduardo I (Duarte), King of Portugal
PronunciationSpanish: [eˈðwaɾðo]
European Portuguese: [eˈðwaɾðu]
Brazilian Portuguese: [eduˈaɾdu]
Language(s)Spanish, Portuguese
Word/nameIberian Romance languages
Meaning"Wealthy guardian"
Region of originIberian Peninsula, Europe
Other names
Nickname(s)Edu, Lalo, Duarte
Related namesEdward, Eduard, Édouard, Edoardo, Eddie, Eddy, Edu, Edvardo, Edvard, Ed

Eduardo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the male given name Edward. Another version is Duarte. It may refer to:

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