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When the Toronto Transit Commission finishes its Eglinton Crosstown LRT it will require an Eglinton LRT Carhouse to store offduty vehicles, and with maintenance facilities to keep the vehicles running smoothly.[1] The carhouse is planned to be built near the line's western terminus at Mount Dennis LRT station, on lands formerly occupied by Kodak's Toronto campus.[2][3][4][5][6]

The Eglinton line will use Flexity Freedom standard gauge rolling stock, and will not be connected to the TTC's current lines, which all use TTC broad gauge. The TTC's existing light rail and streetcar lines all use older Bombardier rolling stock, which are being replaced with TTC Flexity Outlook LRT rolling stock.


  1. ^ Adam Hawkins (2011-05-30). "Doors Open: A tale of two carhouses". Urban Toronto. Archived from the original on 2013-03-29. The TTC plans to convert the Scarborough RT from the troublesome ICTS technology to LRT and include it in the Eglinton Crosstown Line. While McCowan Carhouse could be retrofitted to handle LRT cars, its capacity is very limited and it’s boxed in by development on all sides, preventing any expansion. Instead, the TTC is likely to build a new carhouse at Eglinton and Black Creek Drive. 
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