Erwood transmitting station

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Erwood transmitting station is located in Powys
Erwood transmitting station
Erwood transmitting station (Powys)
Mast height20 metres (66 ft)
Coordinates52°04′35″N 3°19′48″W / 52.076498°N 3.329951°W / 52.076498; -3.329951
Grid referenceSO089428
Relay ofCarmel
BBC regionBBC Wales
ITV regionITV Wales

The Erwood television relay station is sited on high ground to the west of the village of Erwood in Powys, south Wales. It was originally built in the 1980s as a fill-in relay for UHF analogue colour television covering the communities of Erwood, Llandeilo Graban and Llansteffan. It consists of a 20 m self-supporting lattice steel mast standing on a hillside which is itself about 215 m above sea level. The transmissions are beamed northeast and southeast to cover its targets. The Erwood transmission station is owned and operated by Arqiva.

Erwood transmitter re-radiates the signal received off-air from Llandrindod Wells which is itself an off-air relay of Carmel about 40 km to the west. When it came, the digital switchover process for Erwood duplicated the timing at Carmel with the first stage taking place on 26 August 2009 and with the second stage being completed on 23 September 2009. After the switchover process, analogue channels had ceased broadcasting permanently and the Freeview digital TV services were radiated at an ERP of 2 W each.[1]

Channels listed by frequency[edit]

Analogue television[edit]

1980's - 26 August 2009[edit]

Being in Wales, Erwood transmitted the S4C variant of Channel 4.

Frequency UHF kW Service
727.25 MHz 53 0.008 S4C
759.25 MHz 57 0.008 BBC One Wales
783.25 MHz 60 0.008 ITV1 Wales (HTV Wales until 2002)
807.25 MHz 63 0.008 BBC Two Wales

Analogue and digital television[edit]

26 August 2009 - 23 September 2009[edit]

The UK's digital switchover commenced at Carmel (and therefore at Erwood and all its other relays) on 26 August 2009. Analogue BBC Two Wales on channel 63 was first to close, and ITV Wales was moved from channel 60 to channel 63 for its last month of service. Channel 60 was replaced by the new digital BBC A mux which started up in 64-QAM and at full power (i.e. 2 W).

Frequency UHF kW Service System
727.25 MHz 53 0.008 S4C PAL System I
759.25 MHz 57 0.008 BBC One Wales PAL System I
786.000 MHz 60 0.002 BBC A DVB-T
807.25 MHz 63 0.008 ITV1 Wales (HTV Wales until 2002) PAL System I

Digital television[edit]

23 September 2009 - present[edit]

The remaining analogue TV services were closed down and the digital multiplexes took over on the original analogue channels' frequencies.

Frequency UHF kW Operator
730.000 MHz 53 0.002 Digital 3&4
762.000 MHz 57 0.002 BBC B
786.000 MHz 60 0.002 BBC A


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