Constitution Party (Estonia)

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Constitution Party
Leader Sergei Jürgens
Founded 1994 (1994)
Dissolved June 28, 2008 (2008-06-28)
Succeeded by Estonian United Left Party
Headquarters Estonia a pst 3/5, 10143 Tallinn
Ideology Russian minority interests
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colours Blue, Red, White

The Constitution Party (Konstitutsioonierakond), known until 11 February 2006 as the Estonian United People's Party (Eestimaa Ühendatud Rahvapartei), was a political party in Estonia, mainly supported by the Russian minority. The party held 6 seats in the Riigikogu from 1999 to 2003. At the legislative elections of 2 March 2003, it won 2.2% of the popular vote and got no seats. In 2007's election, it fell further to 5,470 votes (1.0%) and again got no seats, despite an active promotion campaign by Russian special services.[1]

On 28 June 2008, it merged with the Estonian Left Party to form the Estonian United Left Party.


According to the Estonian Internal Security Service the Constitution Party was a puppet-party supported and controlled by Russia, created by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as part of their campaign of "political intelligence manipulations".[2] Also several members of the party have connections with groups such as Nochnoy Dozor.[3]


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