Eurovision Young Musicians 2012

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Eurovision Young Musicians 2012
Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 logo.jpg
Semi-final 1 5 May 2012
Semi-final 2 6 May 2012
Final 11 May 2012
Venue Rathausplatz, Vienna, Austria
Presenter(s) Pia Strauss (Semi-finals)[1]
Martin Grubinger (Final)[2]
Conductor Cornelius Meister
Executive supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev
Host broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
Number of entries 14
Debuting countries
Returning countries  Ukraine
Withdrawing countries
Voting system A jury selects the winner, runner-up, and third place
Winning musician  Norway
Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad

The Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 was the sixteenth edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians, held at the Rathausplatz in Vienna, Austria on 11 May 2012.[3] Organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and host broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF), musicians from seven countries participated in the televised final. This was the fourth time that the competition was held on an open-air stage and during the annual Vienna Festival. Austria and broadcaster ORF previously hosted the contest in 1990, 1998, 2006, 2008 and 2010.[3]

A total of fourteen countries took part in the competition therefore a semi-final was held at the Schubert Hall on 5 and 6 May 2012. All participants performed a classical piece of their choice accompanied by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Cornelius Meister.[3] Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia made their début while Ukraine returned. Five countries withdrew to the contest, they were Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Sweden and United Kingdom.[3]

Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad of Norway won the contest, with host country Austria and Armenia placing second and third respectively.[4]


Rathausplatz, Vienna. Host location of the Eurovision Young Musicians 2012 final.

Rathausplatz, a square outside the Wiener Rathaus city hall of Vienna, was the host location for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Young Musicians final. The Schubert Hall in Vienna, Austria, hosted the semi-final round.[3]


Martin Grubinger was the host of the 2010 contest final with Pia Strauss hosting the semi-final round.[3]

Participating countries[edit]

This year, 14 countries participed in the Eurovision Young Musicians.[5]

The semifinal was held in two parts. The first part was held on 5 May 2012 and the second on 6 May 2012. The seven best were selected by an international jury to perform live as finalists in the final that was held on 11 May 2012.


Part 1 (5 May 2012)[edit]

Draw[6] Country Performer Instrument Piece(s) Result
01  Slovenia Blaž Šparovec[7] Clarinet 1) Premiere Rhapsodie by Claude Debussy
2) Clair 1 by Franco Donatoni
Failed to qualify
02  Georgia[8] Lizi Ramishvili[9] Cello[10] 1) Largo by Veracini
2)Variations on One String by Paganini
3) Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov
Failed to qualify
03  Bosnia and Herzegovina Naomi Druškić[11] Piano 1) Vanished Days, op57, No.1 by Edvard Grieg
2) Toccata, in E flat minor by Aram Khachaturian
Failed to qualify
04  Czech Republic Michaela Špačková[12] Bassoon 1) Concerto for Bassoon No.2 f-moll, the first and the second movement by Ludwig Milde
2) Recitative, Sicilliene et Rondo (1905-1991) by Eugéne Bozza
05  Armenia[13] Narek Kazazyan[14] Kanon 1) “Impromptu” op. 57 in b-minor by Tsovinar Hovhannisyan
2) Carnival in Venice by Niccolo Paganini / arranged for kanun and piano by Alexander Shahbazyan
3) “Perpetual Motion” op.69 in a-minor by Khachatur Avetisyan
06  Austria[15] Emmanuel Tjeknavorian[16] Violin 1) Scherzo for Violin and Piano in C minor by Johannes Brahms
2) Tzigane, Rapsodie de Concert for Violin and Piano by Maurice Ravel
07  Greece Zacharias Fotis[17] Clarinet - Failed to qualify
08  Croatia Katarina Kutnar[18]
Violin 1) Scherzo in c-minor form F-A-E sonata by Johannes Brahms
2) Carmen Phantasie, op.66 by Franz Drdla
Failed to qualify

Part 2 (6 May 2012)[edit]

Draw[19] Country Performer Instrument Piece(s) Result
09  Poland Jagoda Krzemińska[20] Flute 1) Joueurs de Flute - "Pan" by Albert Roussel
2) Staccato - Fantaisie by Wilhelm Popp
10  Ukraine Bohdan Ivasyk[21] Violin 1)Tzigane by Maurice Ravel
2)Melody by Myroslav Skoryk
Failed to qualify
11  Netherlands Ella van Poucke[22] Cello 1) Fantasiestucke Op. 73 for cello by Robert Schumann Failed to qualify
12  Germany Dominic Chamot[23] Piano[24] 1) Jazz Etude No. 1 by Nikolai Kapustin
2) Widmung (Liebeslied) by Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt
3) Ungarische Rhapsodie No. 6 by Franz Liszt
13  Belarus Alexandra Denisenya[25] Cimbalom 1) Carmen "Fantasie", based on Themes from the Opera of Georges Bizet by Franz Waxman
2) Blow light wind, blow! (adaptation of Belarusian folk song) by Valery Zhyvalievski
3) Сsardas by Alexander Tsygankov
14  Norway Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad[26] Viola 1) Sonata no 1 op 120 F minor, 1. movement: Allegro Appasionata by Johannes Brahms
2) Sonata no 1 op 25 for viola solo, 4. movement: Rasendes Zeitmass. Wild. Tonschonheit ist Nebesache by Paul Hindemith
3) Andante and Rondo Ungarese by Carl Maria von Weber


Awards were given to the top three countries. The table below highlights these using gold, silver, and bronze. The placing results of the remaining participants is unknown and never made public by the European Broadcasting Union.[27]

Draw Country Performer Instrument Piece(s) Result
1  Belarus Alexandra Denisenya Cimbalom Concertino by Vladimir Kurjan -
2  Poland Jagoda Krzemińska Flute Concertino by Cécile Chaminade 4
3  Norway Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad Viola Viola concerto, 2 & 3 mov. by Béla Viktor János Bartók 1
4  Czech Republic Michaela Špačková Bassoon Concerto for Bassoon F-dur, 1st mov. by Carl Maria von Weber -
5  Germany Dominic Chamot Piano Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23; 3rd mov. Allegro con fuoco by Pyotr Tchaikovsky -
6  Armenia Narek Kazazyan Kanon Concerto for Qanun and Orchestra No. 2 E-Major by Khachatur Avetisyan 3
7  Austria Emmanuel Tjeknavorian Violin Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D minor, Op. 47 3rd mov. Allegro ma non tanto by Jean Sibelius 2

Jury members[edit]

The list of jury members are as follows:[28]

Semi-final jury[edit]

Final jury[edit]

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