Fat Actress

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Fat Actress
Fat actress.jpg
Kirstie Alley as herself on Fat Actress
Created by Kirstie Alley
Brenda Hampton
Directed by Keith Truesdell
Starring Kirstie Alley
Bryan Callen
Rachael Harris
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Showtime
Original release March 6 (2005-03-06) – April 18, 2005 (2005-04-18)

Fat Actress is an American comedy television series starring Kirstie Alley. It aired on Showtime in the United States in the spring (U.S. March–May) of 2005, on Movie Central in Western Canada, The Movie Network in Eastern Canada, FX in the UK, Network Ten in Australia and VOX, and Das Vierte in Germany. The series was created and written by Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton.

Alley gave a glimpse of the humor and the irony in her battle to lose weight and get back on television in a tough business that prefers the svelte figures seen on the most successful actresses of today. The series was generally unscripted, with each episode emanating from a story outline and the actors largely improvising the dialogue. The storylines were drawn from a heightened perception of Alley's real-life experiences, and some of Alley's friends appeared as themselves in cameos to further blur the lines between truth and fiction.

Season One[edit]

At the beginning of the series "Big Butts" (Pilot) Kirstie Alley is at the end of her rope. After years of being on top, with a hit show in Cheers & Veronica's Closet, she has hit rock bottom because she is now fat - almost 300 pounds according to tabloids. Kirstie, desperate to rekindle the fame she once had off of Star magazine, She forces her agent to set her up on a big network meeting with Jeff Zucker for a project she has been thinking up. She finds out that he thinks she's too fat for TV. She flirts with an NBC exec and ends up with a development deal, so long as she loses a few pounds.

Episode Two "Charlie's Angels". One of the rumors regarding Kirstie's weight gain is that she is having a kid---with Kid Rock! Elsewhere, she is on a mission to land a role in Charlie's Angels III. During the meeting with the director of Charlie's Angels she runs into the love of her life, Kid Rock, but develops a bad case of diarrhea from an overdose of laxatives. During this Eddie rams into Melissa Gilbert's car while ogling Carmen Electra.

Episode Three "Holy Lesbo, Batman". Kirstie schemes to meet Gwen Stefani but her attempt to meet the No Doubt lead singer lands her in jail, where she reconnects with an ex-boyfriend who has a surprise for her.

Episode Four "The Koi Effect". Kirstie tries a new diet theory and surrounds herself with small things.

Episode Five "Crack for Good". Kirstie's crackhead brother arrives and suggests that Kirstie start doing crack in order to lose weight and her dysfunctional parents intervene. Episode Six "Cry Baby McGuire". Merv Griffin sets up Kirstie up with one of his rich friends. At first, Kirstie thinks he is ideal, but he turns out to be an emotional wreck.

Season finale "Hold This". Kirstie discovers her bank account is running low on funds. She schemes to get another lucrative deal from NBC. She soon sleeps with Jeff Zucker, gets the deal, and a show of her own.

The show was not picked up for a second season despite early reports from Showtime stating it had been in talks.


  • Kirstie Alley (Kirstie Alley) a successful television and movie star whose weight gain has become the subject of every tabloid imaginable as well as the blight of her existence as she tries to find work and true love in an unforgiving Hollywood.
  • Kevin Shecket (Rachael Harris) Kirstie's Live-in hair stylist. Unlike Eddie, she's more of a best friend to Kirstie.
  • Eddie Falcone (Bryan Callen) Kirstie's personal assistant who lives in her garage. He himself is desperate for Hollywood work at any chance he gets he brings up a Hollywood film he did which is "taking film festivals by storm".
  • Sam Rascal (Michael McDonald) Kirstie's Manager who disappoints her.
  • Quinn Taylor Scout (Kelly Preston) A young and very famous Hollywood starlet. She's bulimic and helps Kirstie lose much weight as possible, with the craziest and most dangerous diets.

Celebrity cameos[edit]

Several Hollywood celebrities appeared in the series as themselves:


# Episode Title Director Writers Original air date
1 "Big Butts" (Pilot) Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton March 7, 2005 (SHO)
2 "Charlie's Angels" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton March 14, 2005 (SHO)
3 "Holy Lesbo, Batman" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton March 21, 2005 (SHO)
4 "The Koi Effect" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton March 28, 2005 (SHO)
5 "Crack for Good" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton April 4, 2005 (SHO)
6 "Cry Baby McGuire" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton April 11, 2005 (SHO)
7 "Hold This" Keith Truesdell Kirstie Alley and Brenda Hampton April 18, 2005 (SHO)

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