Federal Executive (Liberal Democrats)

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Federal Executive
Baroness Brinton
Parent organization
Liberal Democrats
Website Federal Executive

The Federal Executive is the governing body of the Liberal Democrats. It is chaired by the party president, currently Sal Brinton, and includes members of the party-at-large elected every two years, as well as representatives from the state parties, MPs, peers, MEPs, and councillors.[1]

Current membership[edit]

Councillor representatives

State Party representatives

  • English Party: Anthony Hook
  • Scottish Party: Dan Farthing
  • Welsh Party: Baroness Humphreys

Directly Elected:

Lord Rennard[edit]

In November 2015, the election of Lord Rennard by members of the House of Lords as the Peer Representative to the committee caused a "backlash" from party members, due to public accusations of sexual harassment that had been made against the peer. The complaints triggered a petition calling for a special conference to debate the issue,[2] and resulted in Rennard stepping down from the body shortly afterwards.[3]