Federal Executive (Liberal Democrats)

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The Federal Executive is the top body of members of the Liberal Democrats. It is chaired by the Party president.

Current members[edit]

Member Position
Ali Goldsworthy Welsh Party Rep and Deputy Chair
Alistair Carmichael Chief Whip (NV)
Brian Orrell English Party Rep
Candy Piercy Directly elected
Chris Fox Chief Exec (NV)
Chris White Directly Elected
Craig Harrow Scottish Party Convenor, Vice President
David Rendel Directly elected
David Williams Directly elected
Duncan Greenland FFAC Chair (NV)
Elaine Bagshaw Directly elected
Evan Harris Directly elected
Fiona Hall MEP MEP Rep
Gerald Vernon-Jackson Directly Elected
Gordon Lishman Directly Elected
Henk van Klaveren Staff Rep (NV)
James Graham Directly Elected
James Gurling Directly Elected
Jo Swinson MP MP Rep
Jo Shaw Directly Elected
John Barrett Scottish Party Rep
John Last NEC Chair, Vice President
Jonathan Davies English Party Chair, Vice President
Keith House Principal Councillor Rep
Kishwer Falkner Peer Rep
Nick Clegg MP Leader
Qassim Afzal Directly Elected
Ramesh Dewan Directly Elected
Richard Duncalf Party Treasurer (NV)
Simon Hughes MP MP Rep
Stan Collins Councillor Rep
Sue Doughty Directly Elected
Susan Juned Directly elected
Tim Farron MP Party President, Chair


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