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Operational area
Country Nazi Germany
City fire departments86
Mobile regiments (1939-1943)5
Mobile battalions (1943-1945)9
Agency overview
Established24 October 1939 (1939-10-24)
Dissolved17 July 1945 (1945-07-17)
Employees12,217 (1941) within the Germany of 1937
CommissionerSS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei Hans Rumpf [de]

Feuerschutzpolizei (lit. Fire Protection Police) was a firefighter unit in Nazi Germany and a branch of Nazi Germany's Ordnungspolizei, formed in 1938 when the German municipal professional fire brigades were transferred to the national police. The previously red fire vehicles, blue uniforms and fire service ranks were replaced by green fire vehicles, green uniforms and police ranks.[1]


Green fire vehicle.

In 1941 there were Fire Protection Police units in 86 cities in Germany, in Ostmark (occupied Austria) and in General Government (occupied Poland).[2] Outside these cities, the German fire services consisted of volunteer fire brigades, in cooperation with compulsory fire brigades (Pflichtfeuerwehr) and industrial fire brigades (Werkfeuerwehr).[3] In spite of being a branch of the Ordnungspolizei, the Fire Protection Police was a municipal institution; respective cities having the budgetary responsibility for staff and equipment. Administratively and operationally the Fire Protection Police were, however, subordinated to the Ordnungspolizei.[1]

Field Units[edit]

During the war, the Feuerschutzpolizei organized six motorized firefighting regiments. Their mission was to follow the German army's advance and have the main responsibility for the occupied territories fire protection and civil defense. Each regiment consisted of some 1000 firefighters.[4]

In 1943 the regimental organization was abolished, the battalions becoming independent units. The fourth regiment was stood down, while nine battalions were formed from the rest. Each battalion consisted of about 400 fire fighters in three companies.[4] A fourth company of non-citizens (Volksdeutsche, Ukrainians and Poles), were later added.[2]

  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 1 Sachsen, 1939–1943
  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 2 Hannover, 1941–1943
  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 3 Ostpreussen, 1941–1943
  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 4 Ukraine, 1941–1943
  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 5 Böhmen-Mähren, 1942–1943
  • Feuerschutzpolizei-Regiment 6 Niederlande, 1942–1943


Professional Fire Departments
Insignia Corresponding rank in the SS
Generalleutnant None.svg SS-Gruppenführer
Oberbranddirektor[a] Generalmajor Generalmajor None.svg SS-Brigadeführer
Oberst Oberst None.svg SS-Standartenführer
Oberbaurat Oberstleutnant Oberstleutnant None.svg SS-Obersturmbannführer
Baurat Major Major None.svg SS-Sturmbannführer
Hauptmann Hauptmann FSP-Hauptmann h.svg SS-Hauptsturmführer
Inspektor Bezirksoberleutnant FSP-Oberleutnant h.svg SS-Obersturmführer
Oberbrandmeister Obermeister Leutnant FSP-Leutnant h.svg SS-Untersturmführer
Brandmeister Meister Meister None.svg SS-Sturmscharführer
Löschmeister Hauptwachtmeister Hauptwachtmeister FSP-Hauptwachtmeister h.svg SS-Hauptscharführer
Oberfeuerwehrmann Bezirksoberwachtmeister Bezirksoberwachtmeister FSP-Bezirksoberwachtmeister h.svg SS-Oberscharführer
Oberwachtmeister Oberwachtmeister FSP-Oberwachtmeister h.svg SS-Scharführer
Feuerwehrmann Wachtmeister Wachtmeister FSP-Wachtmeister h.svg SS-Unterscharführer
Rottwachtmeister None.svg SS-Rottenführer
Unterwachtmeister[c] FSP-Unterwachtmeister h.svg SS-Sturmmann
Anwärter[c][d] No insignia SS-Mann
Anwärter[c] SS-Anwärter


  1. ^ The fire chief of Berlin.
  2. ^ With less than three years in the rank.
  3. ^ a b c Only in the field units
  4. ^ With more than six months in the rank.



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