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Flock, flocks or flocking may refer to:

  • Flock (birds), a gathering of individual birds to forage or travel collectively

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  • Bob Flock (1918–1964), American stock car racer; brother of Fonty Flock and Tim Flock
  • Carmella Flöck (1898–1982), courier for the Austrian Resistance 1938–1942
  • Dirk Flock (born 1972), German footballer
  • Dorothea Flock (1608–1630), German woman convicted of witchcraft
  • Fonty Flock (1920–1972), American stock car racer; brother of Bob Flock and Tim Flock
  • Hans Flock (born 1940), Norwegian judge
  • James F. Flock, United States Marine Corps general
  • Janine Flock (born 1989), Austrian skeleton racer
  • Kay Flock (Kevin Perez, born 2003), American rapper
  • Kendra Flock (born 1985), Canadian soccer player
  • Robert Herman Flock (born 1956), American bishop
  • Tim Flock (1924–1998), American stock car racer; rother of Bob Flock and Fonty Flock

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