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Belgian framboise

Framboise (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃bwaz]) is the name of two kinds of alcoholic drinks fermented with the raspberry (framboise is the French word for raspberry).


In English, framboise is used primarily in reference to a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries,[1] It is one of many modern types of fruit beer that have been inspired by the more traditional kriek beer, which is made using sour cherries.

Framboise is usually served in a small glass that resembles a champagne glass, only shorter (could also be a goblet). Most framboise beers are quite sweet, though the Cantillon Brewery produces a tart version called Rosé de Gambrinus that is based on the traditional kriek style. The Liefmans brewery uses oud bruin beer instead of lambic to make its framboise beer, resulting in a very different taste. There are other beers outside of Belgium, however, that can be considered "framboise". For example, the Wisconsin Brewery known as the New Glarus Brewing Company produces a beer called "Raspberry Tart" and the description calls it a "Wisconsin Framboise Ale".[2]

Eau de vie[edit]

Framboise is also commonly used to refer to eau de vie distilled with raspberries.[3]


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