France Musique

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France Musique
France Musique logo.png
City Paris
Broadcast area France
Slogan "Ce monde a besoin de musique"
Frequency Frequencies
First air date 1954
Format Classical
Language(s) French
Former callsigns Chaîne Haute-Fidélité (1954–1958)
France IV Haute Fidélité (1958–1963)
France Musique (1963–1999)
France Musiques (1999–2005)
Owner Radio France
Sister stations FIP (radio station)
France Bleu
France Culture
France Info
France Inter
Le Mouv'

France Musique is a French public radio owned by Radio France. The station is devoted to music, including classical music and jazz.


France Musique was created in 1954 as Chaîne Haute-Fidélité then renamed 1958 as France IV Haute Fidélité, then RTF Haute Fidélité in 1963, and finally France Musique in same year.


Most concerts given by the Orchestre National de France are broadcast on France Musique, as are many other concerts. They are live seven days a week at 8pm. Many programmes from France Musique are broadcast abroad in Canada by CBC Radio 2 as well as in the United Kingdom by BBC Radio 3.[citation needed]


  • 1975 : "La première radio en couleurs" (The first radio in colours)
  • 1989 : "La musique un ton au-dessus" (The music a tone above)
  • 1992 : "Jamais la musique ne vous aura touché d'aussi près" (Music will never have touched you so closely)
  • 1995 : "Bienvenue chez les fous de Musique" (Welcome to the crazy in music)
  • 2008 : "Le plaisir" (The pleasure)
  • April 2008 : "Prolonger l'émotion" (Extending the emotion)
  • 2012 : "Il y a une part de classique en chacun de nous" (There is a classical part in each of us)
  • 2013-2014 : "Ce monde a besoin de musique" (This world needs music)
  • Since 2014 : "Classique mais pas que..." (Classic but not that...)

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