List of radio stations in France

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Radio France[edit]

The publicly run Radio France consortium controls around 40 radio stations, 31 of which fall under the France Bleu group.

Public radio independent of Radio France[edit]

Independent National Radio (by network)[edit]

Espace Group[edit]

Groupe Les Échos[edit]

ISA Media Development[edit]

Lagardère Active[edit]


Nova Press[edit]

NRJ Group[edit]

Groupe Orbus[edit]

RTL Group[edit]

Sud Radio Groupe[edit]

Other private radio stations[edit]

Independent Local Radio (by region)[edit]

Paris and Ile-de-France[edit]


Category A Stations[edit]

Non-Commercial Stations

  • Judaïques FM, Radio J, Radio Shalom, RCJ (Radio de la Communauté Juive) - Paris (time sharing on 94.8 FM); Religious
  • Radio Courtoisie - political
  • Radio Notre-Dame - Paris; religious


Stations that are no longer broadcasting[edit]

  • Brioude FM (?-1988)
  • Chic FM (1986-1987)
  • Hit FM
  • KWFM (1989-1990)
  • Radio Blagon, an internet radio station promoting francophone groups from the alternative music scene (off air since January 9, 2013)