Fred Schrier

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Fred Schrier
Born 1945 (age 71–72)
Nationality American
Area(s) Artist, Writer, Animator
Pseudonym(s) Overland Vegetable Stagecoach (with Dave Sheridan)
Notable works
Mother's Oats Comix
Meef Comix
Collaborators Dave Sheridan

Fred Schrier (born 1945 in Ohio)[1] is an artist, writer, and animator, best known as partner to the underground comic book artist Dave Sheridan. Together, using the name "Overland Vegetable Stagecoach," they worked on Mother's Oats Funnies, published by Rip Off Press from 1970–1976.

Schrier's work was also featured in Meef Comix (Print Mint) and The Balloon Vendor (Rip Off Press), and the anti-Nixon comics pamphlets Silent Majority Comics and Uncle Sam Takes LSD (both published by Rip Off Press). Schrier's solo appeared in Slow Death Funnies #1 (with J. Osborne and Gilbert Shelton), published by Last Gasp, Skull Comics #1 (Rip Off Press), and Yellow Dog #19, published in 1971 by The Print Mint.

Schrier served with the Peace Corps in Afghanistan in the mid-1970s and the focus of his work changed afterward.[1]

Sheridan died of cancer at the age of 38 in 1982. An obituary by Schrier was published in the ACE periodical Changeling Times, decorated with their artwork.[2]

Schrier has also been an illustrator of children's books such as Let's Jump!, written by Donna Lugg Pape and published by Houghton Mifflin, "Amazing Science Tricks" (published in Boys' Life), and has been the animator for the Cleveland Indians stadium scoreboard,.[1] winning him a "thanks" credit in the 1994 motion picture Major League II.[3]


Solo titles[edit]

  • Silent Majority Comics (Rip Off Press, 1970) — photocopied minicomic
  • Uncle Sam Takes LSD (Rip Off Press, 1972) — photocopied minicomic

Overland Vegetable Stagecoach[edit]

  • Mother's Oats Comix #1 (Rip Off Press, 1969)
  • Mother's Oats Comix #2 (Rip Off Press, 1970)
  • Mindwarp: An Anthology by Sheridan & Schrier (And/Or Press, 1975)
  • Mother's Oats Comix #3 (Rip Off Press, 1976)

Other comix[edit]

Children's books & stories[edit]

  • (with writer Donna Lugg Pape) Let's Jump! (Houghton Mifflin, 1991) — part of the Read Alone Books series Wild Animals, Come Out!
  • "Amazing Science Tricks" (Boy's Life, April 2004)




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