Frederick Noronha

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Frederick Noronha
Frederick Noronha.jpg
Frederick Noronha in 2006
Born (1963-12-23) 23 December 1963 (age 52)
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Residence Goa, India
Alma mater Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, University of Goa, University of Bombay
Occupation Journalist

Frederick Noronha (born 23 December 1963 in São Paulo, Brazil) is an independent journalist based in Saligão in the Bardez taluka of Goa. He is active in cyberspace and involved with e-ventures involving Goa, developmental concerns and free software. He writes mostly on free software / open source issues, technology, and computing issues in India. He is the co-founder of BytesForAll.


Frederick Noronha received a B.Com. degree from Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Panjim, and M.A. (English Literature) degrees from Goa University and University of Bombay.[1] He is also an alumnus of the Internationales Institut für Journalismus (G57 course, 1990), He also received a scholarship from the Institute for Further Education of Journalists (Fojo), Sweden (1998) and was a Sarai Print Media Fellow (2001). He was a Panos Fellow in 2001 (reproductive health and gender issues).


He has been a full-time journalist since 1983. From November 1987 to December 1994, Noronha was staff correspondent for Deccan Herald. From 1994 onwards, he turned a freelancer, and has written for India Abroad News Service (now Indo-Asian News Service), on news related to Goa and, more recently, Information Technology. He also worked as an editorial consultant with Herald (Goa) from October 2003 to April 2004.

He has written articles on Goa, Goan books, media, environment, development, and information technology. From 1996 to 2006, he has been part of the Admin Team of Goanet, a volunteer and not-for-profit network that links the Goan diaspora community. Publications that have featured Noronha's works include The Economic Times, The Financial Express, Spider Internet Magazine (Pakistan), Associated Press (photographs), Dawn, BBC website and Outlook.[1][2]

Online ventures[edit]

Together with Partha Pratim Sarkar of Bangladesh, Noronha co-founded BytesForAll, and started, an initiative to promote content-relevant mailing lists in India. He moderates the Goan journalists list goajourno.

He is also involved in running the Docuwallahs2 mailing list, a network that connects a number of Indian alternative documentary film-makers. He is a supporter of copyleft-based models for sharing digital information and resources, with some 6000+ photographs, mainly related available to Goa, available on his flickr page.

Involvement with FOSS movement[edit]

Noronha is a supporter of free software, and is actively involved in chronicling its growth in India and other Asian countries. His articles on Free Software have been published in Linux Journal and Free Software Magazine.[3][4]

He has also participated in a study on FOSS in the 'developing' countries (2003–04) in Finland, and has been a member of the panel deciding on the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software and The Manthan-AIF Award 2006.[5] He has also spoken at many FOSS conferences, including FOSS.IN.[6]


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