Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

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"Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury"
F-Me Ray Bradbury screen cap 02.png
Rachel Bloom with a photograph of Ray Bradbury
Directed by Paul Briganti
Produced by Jack Dolgen
Jon Siebels
Written by Rachel Bloom
Starring Rachel Bloom
Music by Rachel Bloom
Cinematography Paul Rondeau
Release date
  • August 15, 2010 (2010-08-15) (YouTube)
Running time
Country United States
Language English

"Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" is a 2010 Internet music video nominated for a 2011 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.[1] The video features singer and comedian Rachel Bloom performing a sexually explicit song about her lust and admiration for writer Ray Bradbury.[2]

The music and lyrics were written by Rachel Bloom and the music video was directed by Paul Briganti. The song was produced by Jack Dolgen and Jon Siebels, with additional arrangements by Jack Dolgen. The video's cinematographer was Paul Rondeau and choreographer was Katie Lee Hill.

Bradbury's response[edit]

On Bradbury's 90th birthday, Mark Edward visited Bradbury's home and showed him the video. He reported that Bradbury "was charmed by the whole thing", and that he watched it with a "wise old knowing gleam in his eyes" and "a few soft chuckles."[3]

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