Fuck the War EP

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Fuck the War EP
Fuck The War.jpg
EP by Angry Samoans
Released 2006
Genre punk rock
Length 20:36
Label Bad Trip Records
Angry Samoans chronology
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Fuck The War EP
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Fuck The War is an EP by Angry Samoans.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Election Day" - 1:45 (M. Saunders)
  2. "Gas Chamber" - 1:02 (M. Saunders/G. Turner)
  3. "Letter To Uncle Sam" - 1:06 (M. Saunders)
  4. "Let's Burn The Flag" - 1:50 (M. Saunders)
  5. "Rat and Captain Talk Philosophy with Kickface" - 11:39
  6. "Daisy I'll Be Missing You" - 2:25 (T. Daddy)
  7. "WLVR Radio Spot" - 0:46


  • "Metal Mike" Saunders - vocals, guitar, drums
  • Alison "Wonderslam" Victor - guitar, bass
  • Julia Altstatt - bass
  • Bill Vockeroth - drums