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A funeral march (Marche funèbre in French, Marcia funebre in Italian, Trauermarsch in German) is a march, usually in a minor key, in a slow "simple duple" metre, imitating the solemn pace of a funeral procession. Some such marches are often considered appropriate for use during funerals and other sombre occasions, the most well-known being that of Chopin. Handel uses the name dead march, also used for marches played by a military band at military funerals and executions.


Examples in classical music include:

Classical music examples with the character of a funeral march but not specifically titled as funeral marches include:

Examples in contemporary music include:

  • Jelly Roll Morton's Dead Man Blues
  • Duke Ellington's Black and Tan Fantasy
  • Chico Buarque's "Funeral de um Lavrador" which appeared in the film adaptation of João Cabral de Melo Neto's Morte e Vida Severina.
  • The Protomen's "Funeral for a Son," the second track from their eponymous debut album.
  • Despite not being a literal funeral march, John T. Williams's "Imperial March," from the Star Wars films, retains many characteristics of one.
  • The Olympia Brass Band had a notable part in the 1973 James Bond movie Live and Let Die where they lead a funeral march for a victim assassinated during the march. Trumpeter Alvin Alcorn plays the knife wielding "baby-faced killer".
  • WWE professional wrestler The Undertaker entrance theme samples Chopin's funeral march.
  • Electronic music producer Deadmau5 is also using Chopin's funeral march theme in his song "Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff". His track "Clockwork", sampled from Cygnus X - "Orange Theme", which itself uses the title music of the film A Clockwork Orange, which itself is an adaptation of Henry Purcell's "Funeral March for Queen Mary".
  • Funeral doom metal
  • Queen's "Procession" march, opening track from their second album, Queen II.
  • American rapper and actor, Mos Def. From his 2004 album The New Danger has a song titled "BedStuy parade & Funeral March" although not a literal funeral march this song has some characteristics of dirge music
  • C418's Ward, includes the Funeral march as its intro in the popular game Minecraft.
  • UFX's "Dead" from the 2006 album "Crack" includes Chopin's Funeral March as its intro

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