8th (Lucknow) Division

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8th (Lucknow) Division
Active 1903–1922
Country British Raj British India
Allegiance  British Empire
Branch British Raj Red Ensign.svg British Indian Army
Type Infantry
Role Internal Security
Size Division
Part of Northern Army
HQ Lucknow

The 8th (Lucknow) Division was a formation of the British Indian Army's Northern Army that was first formed as a result of the Kitchener reforms of the Indian Army in 1903.[1] The Division remained in India on internal security duties during World War I,[2][3] though the 8th (Lucknow) Cavalry Brigade was transferred to the 1st Indian Cavalry Division and served in France on the Western Front,[4] and the 22nd Lucknow Infantry Brigade served as part of the 11th Indian Division in Egypt.[5]

Division formation in 1914[edit]

8th (Lucknow) Cavalry Brigade[edit]

Commander: Major General Cookson

22nd (Lucknow) Brigade[edit]

Commander: Major General A. Wilson

Fyzabad Brigade[edit]

Commander: Brigadier General Kavangh

Allahabad Brigade[edit]

Commander: Brigadier General Cowper

Presidency Brigade[edit]

Presidency Brigade was based in Calcutta.
Commander: Major General May


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