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Subaru G4e
Tokyo Motor Show 2007 - DSC 6510 - Flickr - Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung).jpg
G4e at TMS 2007
Manufacturer Fuji Heavy Industries
Body and chassis
Body style 5-door hatch
Electric motor 65 kW (87 hp; 88 PS)
Battery 16× vanadium lithium-ion cells, 21.6V each
Electric range 200 km (120 mi)
Wheelbase 2,642 mm (104 in)
Length 3,988 mm (157 in)
Width 1,702 mm (67 in)
Predecessor Subaru R1e

The Subaru G4e is a concept electric car developed by Japanese automaker Subaru in conjunction with Tokyo utility TEPCO as a possible successor to the R1e. It was unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.[1]


Four doors and a red-and-white interior

The G4e name is intended to stand for "Green for the Earth."[2] The car seats five and has a wedge design with a low 0.276 drag coefficient, aided by the deletion of wing mirrors in favor of a-pillar mounted rearview cameras.[2] Batteries are stored under the floor to maximize passenger space.[1][3] The interior is trimmed in red and white, with a dashboard incorporating a large video screen in the center stack intended to be reminiscent of a waterfall.[4]


It has a range of 200 kilometres (120 mi) and can be fully charged in about eight hours from a home AC power source. A quick charge to 80 per cent of the batteries' capacity is possible in just 15 minutes.[2][5]

Subaru vanadium lithium-ion battery

The G4e uses a lithium-ion battery developed exclusively by Subaru which employs vanadium technology to allow the battery to store two to three times more lithium ions than conventional lithium-ion batteries.[2][6] The car's battery pack provides 346 volts.[1]


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