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GWAR Slaves are members of the group GWAR that are involved in various non-musical aspects (though at least four of the slaves have sung in GWAR or GWAR-related projects) of the group such as prop/costume fabrication, writing, illustrating, and more. The slaves are the ones that play GWAR enemies such as Gor-Gor and Cardinal Syn on stage. They wear costumes, though not nearly as elaborate as the musicians in the band. The longest serving slaves in GWAR are Scott Krahl, Bob Gorman, and Matt Maguire. Mike Bonner and Hunter Jackson were also long-term members but have since left the group.

The current line-up of slaves is:

  • Matt Maguire ("Mattron"/"MX2")
  • Bob Gorman ("Muzzle Slave")
  • Scott Krahl ("Cock & Balls Slave")
  • Nate Krishna ("SlaveDizzle")
  • Joe Douglas ("Spewie")

Slave Pit Inc.

Bob Gorman

Matt Maguire