Galeopsis ladanum var. angustifolia

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Galeopsis ladanum var. angustifolia
Galeopsis angustifolia1 eF.jpg
Scientific classification
G. ladanum
Trinomial name
Galeopsis ladanum var. angustifolia
  • Dalanum angustifolium (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Dostál
  • Galeopsis angustifolia Ehrh. ex Hoffm.
  • Galeopsis arvatica Jord.
  • Galeopsis bertetii E.P.Perrier & Songeon ex Verlot
  • Galeopsis calcarea Schönh.
  • Galeopsis canescens Schult.
  • Galeopsis glabra Des Étangs
  • Galeopsis glaucescens Reut. ex Ard.
  • Galeopsis inermis Posp.
  • Galeopsis orophila Timb.-Lagr.
  • Galeopsis rivas-martinezii Mateo & M.B.Crespo
  • Ladanella angustifolia (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Pouzar & Slavíková
  • Ladanum angustifolium (Ehrh. ex Hoffm.) Slavíková

Galeopsis ladanum var. angustifolia, the red hemp-nettle,[2] is a European annual plant growing to 30 cm tall. It flowers between June and October on waste ground, railway tracks, and other stony places. It is classified as critically endangered, having declined dramatically in the last 60 years due to increased fertiliser and herbicide. Modern farming techniques such as autumn cultivation have also affected the plant because they are killed before they have set seed.[3]


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