Gemini Suite Live

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Gemini Suite Live
Deep Purple - Gemini Suite Live.jpg
Live album by Deep Purple and the Orchestra of the Light Music Society
Released 1993
Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall, London 17 September 1970.[1]
Genre Hard rock, classical
Length 44:34
Label RPM, Purple Records (reissue)
Deep Purple live albums chronology
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Gemini Suite Live
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Gemini Suite Live is a recording of Jon Lord's classical/rock piece Gemini Suite featuring the original Mark II band lineup of Deep Purple, recorded live during this one and only live performance in 1970. A follow up to their "Concerto" Project, it featured five movements for the individual members of the band, including a guitar piece from Blackmore.

Track listing[edit]

All movements composed by Jon Lord.

No. Title Length
1. "First Movement: Guitar, Organ" (Some editions misprint the first movement as guitar/voice) 17:23+
2. "Second Movement: Voice, Bass" (Some editions misprint the second movement as organ/bass.) 10:19+
3. "Third Movement: Drums, Finale" 16:52