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The American animated television series Evil Con Carne features a cast of fictional characters created by Maxwell Atoms. The series, which originally aired on Cartoon Network from July 11, 2003 to October 22, 2004, follows the brain of a playboy who wants to rule the world with his general Skarr and his lover, Major Doctor Ghastly. Since Hector Con Carne is attached to a bear named Boskov, Hector wants to find the rest of his body parts and take over the world. Unlike Maxwell Atoms' The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Evil Con Carne lived a short life with only 13 episodes.

Main characters[edit]

Hector Con Carne[edit]

Voiced By Phil LaMarr

Hector Con Carne was a billionaire Mexican playboy who wanted to dominate the world. One day, he decided to hire a mad scientist. He hired a nurse who is actually a bomb made by Cod Commando to blow up his mansion and body. Only his brain and stomach lived. Hector was surprised that he was reduced to two organs. He stayed as a brain for seven years since the explosion. Hector is very irritable towards his failed attempts to rule the world.[1]

In "The Smell of Vengeance", Hector is afraid of germs since they can kill him as a brain. Hector lives inside a jar filled with antiseptic.[2]

Major Doctor Ghastly[edit]

Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Andedonia J. Ghastly
First appearance "Evil Con Carne"
Last appearance "Hector, King of the Britons"
Aliases Major Doctor
Gender Female
Occupation Mad scientist
Relatives Destructicus Con Carne (future son)
Nationality American

Major Doctor Andedonia J. Ghastly is the lover and mad scientist of Evil Con Carne. She used to be the second assistant to Professor Death Ray Eyes and decided to apply for Hector Con Carne. She instantly fell in love with Hector for seven years. Ghastly is the most optimistic of the crew since she would rather let her love towards Hector bloom instead of helping Hector achieve his goal of world domination.


Voiced by Frank Welker, Jesse Corti (Pilot only)

First appearance "Evil Con Carne"
Last appearance "Hector, King of the Britons"
Aliases Good-For-Nothing Waste Of Fat
Species Bear
Gender Male
Occupation Circus bear

Boskov is a Russian circus bear who was owned by Vlad, the ringmaster of a Russian circus. He was picked by Major Doctor Ghastly to carry both Hector Con Carne's brain and stomach. Even though Hector's brain controls most of Boskov, he wants to eat honey and resist Hector's commands. Boskov usually gets picked on by Hector. Boskov's design is inspired by Yogi Bear.

General Skarr[edit]

Voiced by Armin Shimerman

Reginald Peter Skarr
First appearance "Evil Con Carne"
Last appearance "Underfist: Halloween Bash"
Aliases Emperor Skarr
Gender Male
Occupation General of Evil Con Carne
Nationality British

General Reginald Peter Skarr is the cruel and heartless general of Hector Con Carne's paramilitary forces. He heavily despises Hector's rule and wants to become ruler himself in many attempts. One such attempt was seen in the segment Day of the Dreadbot where he takes control of Hector's robotic army and makes a robot version of himself to follow him at all costs. However, Skarrbot betrayed him to Skarr's joy. After "Evil Con Carne" was canceled, Skarr became a recurring character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy as a neighbor who wants to go his own ways.[3]


Voiced by Armin Shimerman

First appearance "Evil Con Carne"
Last appearance "Hector, King of the Britons"
Aliases Hector's Stomach, Tummy
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican

Stomach is the stomach of Hector Con Carne. He is very gassy and only talks when food is discussed. In the segment "Gutless", Stomach was sick and Hector left him behind so he can invade Buckingham Palace. The invasion did not work since Hector decided to help Stomach instead.[4]

Recurring Characters[edit]

Cod Commando[edit]

Voiced by Maxwell Atoms, Robert Picardo (singing voice in "The Pie Who Loved Me")

Cod Commando works for SPORK and is directly responsible for reducing Hector Con Carne to a brain and stomach.[1] He only speaks through "blah blah blah" and can be translated from different people such as Ghastly and Ensign Slaughter. Hector Con Carne hated Cod Commando more than life itself, as confirmed in "The Smell of Vengeance".[2]


Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Estroy is Hector Con Carne's rival into dominating the world. His voice and mannerisms are based on Frank Nelson and is a spoof of the G.I. Joe character Destro. Estroy uses more hostile ways to take over the world compared to Hector and wears a metal mask to hide his beautiful face. He also has two sons.

Destructicus Con Carne[edit]

Voiced by Rino Romano

Destructicus Con Carne is the future son of Hector Con Carne and Major Doctor Ghastly, even though it is not known how he was conceived. Unlike his father, he would use his abilities for good. He first appeared in "The Time Hole Incident" as both a baby and an adult who warns Hector and his allies about the dangers of time travel. His second and final appearance in "Son of Evil" shows that Destructicus can reverse engineer his father's technology for good instead of Hector.

Enrique Jr.[edit]

Voiced by Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Evil only)

Enrique Jr. is Hector Con Carne's pet chihuahua and is Ghastly's favorite pet. In "Emotional Skarr", Ghastly and Hector built a robot based on Enrique Jr. to take over the world for Skarr, but accidentally self-destructed himself. In "Ultimate Evil", Ghastly told Enrique Jr. to speak Spanish with the phrase "¡Yo quiero Hector Con Carne!", which is a direct spoof of the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Abraham Lincoln[edit]

Voiced by Peter Renaday

Abraham Lincoln is the unexplained president of the United States of America and a member of the League of Nations. He also commands S.P.O.R.K. for helping him stop Hector Con Carne's evil schemes.


Professor Death Ray Eyes[edit]

Voiced by Maxwell Atoms

Professor Death Ray Eyes used to have Ghastly as his second assistant before she decided to work for Hector, as a drawing in "'"Tiptoe Through The Tulips"'".[5] He made his only appearance in "League of Destruction", where he and the other villains argued who should lead the League, which ultimately dissolved the faction.


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