George II, Duke of Pomerania

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George II, Duke of Pomerania
Born (1582-01-30)30 January 1582
Died 27 March 1617(1617-03-27) (aged 35)
Bukowo Morskie
Buried Castle Church in Szczecin
Noble family House of Griffins
Father Bogislaw XIII, Duke of Pomerania
Mother Clara of Brunswick

George II of Pomerania (born 30 January 1582 in Barth; died: 27 March 1617 in Seebuckow, Rügenwalde (after 1945 Bukowo Morskie, Darlowo)) was a non-reigning duke of Pomerania. He administered the district of Rügenwalde from 1606 to 1617 jointly with his brother Bogislaw XIV.


George was a member of the last generation of the ruling House of Griffins in Pomerania. He was born in 1582 as a younger son of Duke Bogislaw XIII and his first wife, Clara of Brunswick. George and his brothers agreed on the division of the inheritance after the death of their father. Following the agreement of 1 October 1606 the eldest brother, Philip II (1573-1618) was the reigning Duke of Pomerania-Stettin, Francis (1577-1620) was a Protestant Bishop of Cammin. George together with his older brother Bogislaw XIV (1580-1637) received the district of Rügenwalde. The youngest brother Ulrich initially received only an annual pension.

In Rügenwalde, George dealt exclusively with hunting and took no part in the affairs of state. He lost the sight in his left when firing a gun.

Duke George remained unmarried. He died in 1617 in Buckow in his district Rügenwalde and was buried in the Castle Church in Szczecin.


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George II, Duke of Pomerania
Born: 30 January 1582 Died: 27 March 1617
Preceded by
Bogislaw XIII
Duke of Pomerania-Rügenwalde (Darłowo)
with his brother Bogislaw XIV (1606–1620)
Succeeded by
Bogislaw XIV