Geumjeong station

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Geumjeong station
Geumjeong Station
Korean name
Revised Romanization Geumjeong-yeok
McCune–Reischauer Kŭmjŏng-yŏk
General information
Location 750 Gunporo
87-1 Geumjeong-dong,
Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do[1][2]
Operated by Korail
Line(s)      Line 1
     Line 4
Platforms 6
Tracks 10
Structure type Aboveground
Key dates
October 25, 1988[1][2]      Line 1 opened
April 1, 1994[1]      Line 4 opened
Passengers (Daily) Based on Jan-Dec of 2012.
Line 1:[3] 58,326[4]

Geumjeong Station is a ground-level metro station on lines 1 and 4 of the Seoul Subway network in South Korea. The station is in Gunpo, a city approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) south of Seoul in Gyeonggi Province, between the cities of Anyang and Suwon. The name means that the land is covered with waves everywhere and that the water wets women's clothes.[5]

Geumjeong is an important transfer point for passengers travelling to and from southern and western Gyeonggi Province to Seoul Grand Park and Seoul Racecourse Park. The tracks are aligned to allow passengers to transfer between lines 1 and 4 on the same platform. .


It is a ground station with a platform of four planes and two pass lines (one cervical line). 4 are the Gyeongbu line operated by the metropolitan subway line 1, 2 are the subway lines between the Kangchun line and the Ansan line, which are operated by the metropolitan subway line 4, or the platform. Both screens had screen doors. There are 8 outlets.

The platform is designed to stop only commuter-type electric trains of lines 1 and 4 because it is a solid-shaped groove installed only on the 2-neck section and the Ansan line used by the No. 1 general railroad line. The Yongsan-Cheonan / Seoul - Cheonan express trains and general passenger trains pass irregularly. The trains can be connected to each other because they use the same platform. However, if you want to transit from one side to the other (the Gunpo and Bangi areas, the Sanbon area and the Honam area), you must go through a historical overpass.

In the past, it was the station on the southern end of the platform, which had only one station room and five overpass-type entrances. However, the transit distance between the nearest intersection and the entrance of the Seoul City Bus Terminal There was an inconvenience to station use because it should use. The construction of the northern part of the bridge connected to the Gangjung Station's three-way overpass started in May 2006. [6]

Station layout[edit]

Myeonghak, Beomgye
| | 12 | | | | 34 | 5 6 |
Gunpo, Sanbon
1 Line 4 for Oido
2 Line 1 for Cheonan
3 Line 1 for Soyosan
4 Line 4 for Danggogae
5   No service


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Preceding station   Seoul Metropolitan Subway   Following station
toward Soyosan
Line 1
toward Sinchang
toward Danggogae
Line 4
toward Oido

Coordinates: 37°22′21″N 126°56′36″E / 37.37250°N 126.94333°E / 37.37250; 126.94333