Ghost Town Trail (Saskatchewan)

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Highway 13 shield

Highway 13
Red Coat Trail Ghost Town Trail
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (Saskatchewan)
Length676.0 km[1] (420.0 mi)
Major junctions
West endAlberta border
continues west as Hwy 501
East endManitoba border near Antler
continues east as PTH 2
Major citiesWeyburn
Highway system
Provincial highways in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Highway 12 (jct).svg Hwy 12Saskatchewan Highway 14 (jct).svg Hwy 14

Ghost Town Trail, Saskatchewan is a stretch of highway located in the Palliser's Triangle region of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The trail coincides with Saskatchewan Highway 13 (Hwy 13) between Wauchope, Saskatchewan and Govenlock, Saskatchewan. Along this highway are 32 various "ghost towns". The nearest large communities are Swift Current and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan both located on the Trans Canada Highway which runs parallel and to the north of Hwy 13.[2]

List of ghost towns[edit]

Town Name Rural
Peak year Peak Population Location
Crichton Wise Creek No. 77
Forget Tecumseh No. 65
Forward Norton No. 69 1906-1911 1,200 name changed to Axford [2]:25
Froude Griffin No. 66
Gouverneur Auvergne No. 76 1920s 60 [2]:26  49.750073, -107.619807
Govenlock Reno No. 51 1920s dissolved as a village January 1, 1976 200 23-3-29-W3   49.2333465, -109.8174184  [3]
Horizon Bengough No. 40 1912 200 [2]:28
Hume Griffin No. 66
Ravenscrag White Valley No. 49 1920s 200
Scotsguard Bone Creek No. 108 1916–1935 350
Senate Reno No. 51 1940s dissolved as a village January 1, 1994 63
Wauchope Antler No. 61 28-7-33-W   49.6000141, -101.9004682  
Griffin Griffin No. 66
Yeoman Brokenshell No. 68
Trossachs Brokenshell No. 68
Axford Brokenshell No. 68 1913 1,300 Abandoned 1966 (was named Forward) [2]:25
Abbott Brokenshell No. 68
Khedive Norton No. 69
Moreland Norton No. 69
Amulet Norton No. 69
Glasnevin Key West No. 70
Verwood Excel No. 71
Willows Lake of the Rivers No. 72
Valor Stonehenge No. 73
Limerick Village
Melaval Wood River No. 74
Meyronne Pinto Creek No. 75
Hazenmore Pinto Creek No. 75
Instow Bone Creek No. 108
South Fork Arlington No. 79
Vidora Reno No. 51
Trossachs Brokenshell No. 68

[4] As a side note, near this ghost town trail are other ghost towns in the neighbouring vicinity. For example, the Rural Municipality of Griffin No. 66 also contains the localities, Brough, Huntoon, Innes. Similarly Key West No. 70 also was home to the localities of Bures, Dahinda, Edgeworth, Kayville, Key West, Querrin and Wheatstone near Glasnevin. Neighbouring localities to Valor are Ardwick, Bexhill, Congress, Lakenheath, Lynthorpe, Maxstone, Ogle, Stonehenge in Stonehenge No. 73 [5]


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