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Coordinates: 40°40′41.75″N 74°28′05″W / 40.6782639°N 74.46806°W / 40.6782639; -74.46806

Gillette Station.jpg
Gillette station facing towards Berkeley Heights in July 2014.
Location Mountain Avenue, Long Hill Township, New Jersey 07933
Owned by New Jersey Transit
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Other information
Fare zone 12[1]
Passengers (2012) 144 (average weekday)[2]
Preceding station   NJT logo.svg NJ Transit Rail   Following station
toward Gladstone
Gladstone Branch
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
toward Gladstone
Gladstone Branch
toward Hoboken

Gillette is the first of three station stops on the Gladstone Branch of the Morris & Essex Line of New Jersey Transit, in Long Hill Township, New Jersey. The station consists of a small low-level side platform with a covered bench shelter on the inbound side of the single track. The station is located at the intersection of Mountain Avenue and Jersey Avenue in the Gillette portion of Long Hill Township. The station has 82 parking spaces and bike lockers. The station serves trains that go to Gladstone, Summit, Hoboken Terminal and New York Pennsylvania Station for commuters.

George Howell was an engineer who surveyed the area for the New Jersey West Line Railroad. George Howell was an engineer who surveyed the area for the New Jersey West Line Railroad. The station is named after the local unincorporated area. According to local story, the area of Gillette was named after Rachel Gillette Cornish. Mr. Howell was married to Rachel Melissa Cornish, the daughter of Rachel Gillette. Since the Gladstone Branch was opened, the station has never consisted more than a shelter for passengers on the side of the tracks, unlike nearby Stirling, which once boasted a large station depot built in 1872.[3]

Station layout[edit]

   Gladstone Branch toward Gladstone (Stirling)
 Gladstone Branch toward New York or Hoboken (Berkeley Heights)

Gillette station contains only a covered bench shelter on the low-level side platform, several newsstands, a pay telephone, and numerous benches facing the single track from the inbound side. Since the station has a ticket vending machine, tickets can be bought on board the train but with the requirement to pay a $5 surcharge, which is a typical penalty for other NJT stations. The station is located in Fare Zone 12, making a ticket (one-way) to New York $11.50, $10.00 to Hoboken and $7.00 to Newark Broad Street Station. Monthly passes from New York are $324.00, $284.00 from Hoboken, $193.00 from Newark Broad Street. Bike racks are present next to the shelter. The station has the second-largest parking lot among the three stations in Long Hill Township, boasting an 82-space lot owned by New Jersey Transit, but contracted out to the township. Permits for parking there on weekday mornings cost $285 per year. At nights and from 3 PM Friday to 5 PM Sunday, parking is free there without a permit. Of the 82 spaces, 2 are handicap-accessible, although the station is not handicapped-accessible.[4] For handicap-accessibility, a commuter would need to go to Lyons station or Summit station.

The station sees use by all but one Gladstone Branch train, No.467, which terminates at Murray Hill. The first weekday train heading to New York Pennsylvania Station or Hoboken Terminal arrives at Gillette at 5:11 am heading to Hoboken. The last train heading inbound to New York/Hoboken leaves at 12:18 am the next morning and heads for Hoboken Terminal. Heading westbound from Hoboken/New York, the first Gladstone Branch train arrives at 8:06 am, heading for Bernardsville. The last westbound train arrives at the station at 1:44 the next morning heading to Gladstone. On weekends, a transfer is necessary to a Morristown Line train at Summit, which accesses to New York and Hoboken. Heading inbound the first train arrives at Gillette at 6:29 am and the final arrives at 12:52 the next morning. On holidays, the first train arrives at 6:00 am. Heading outbound, the first train arrives at 7:22 am and the last arrives at 2:33 am.[1]

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