Gin Ganga

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For the river in Tennessee, see Gin Branch.
Gin (ගිං ගඟ)
Gin Ganga
Gin ganga.jpg
Gin River.
Country Sri Lanka
Source Southern Province
 - location Deniyaya
Mouth Indian Ocean
 - location Galle
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Length 115.9 km (72 mi)

The Gin Ganga (Sinhalese: ගිං ගඟ, Gin River), is a 115.9 km (72 mi) long river situated in Galle District of Sri Lanka. Its water source arrives from the Gongala Mountains in Deniyaya. The Gin River flows past the villages of Baddegama, Nagoda, Thelikada and Hegoda. The Wakwella Bridge, which is the longest bridge in Sri Lanka, is built over this river. The river is also dammed at the Thelikada village.

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Coordinates: 6°04′N 80°10′E / 6.067°N 80.167°E / 6.067; 80.167