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IndustryKickboxing, Mixed martial arts
FoundedApril 2012
FounderAmir Shafipour
Key people
Managing Director Amir Shafipour

Global Fighting Championship (also known as GFC) was a UAE-based kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) event. Fighters from around world on the roster include Badr Hari, Peter Aerts, Peter Graham, Dewey Cooper, Zabit Samedov. It was considered as one of the biggest kickboxing and MMA promotion in Middle East.[1][2][3]


GFC is a kickboxing and MMA organization in Dubai. Each event has a 4 Man Tournament in the heavy weight division with a winning amount of AED 1 Million. Along with the 4 Man Tournament, 7 superfights are conducted with kickboxers and mma fighters from around the world. A total of 8 fight series will be conducted, with each winner progressing towards the grand prix of $1 Million. The first series, took place at Dubai World Trade Centre on 29 May 2014 and featured Dewey Cooper, Peter Aerts, Peter Graham, Badr Hari, Stefan Leko and Arnold Oborotov.

GFC Series[edit]

GFC Fight Series 1 [4] took place on 29 May 2014 at Dubai World Trade Centre, with Dutch Moroccan Badr Hari emerging as winner of the AED 1 Million defeating Australian Peter Graham in the final and advancing to the GFC Grand Prix. Michael Buffer was the presenter with Mike Markham taking over as Ring announcer and Michael Schiavello as the Commentator.

Fight Type Fighter Fighter Winner
Exhibition Peter Aerts Dewey Cooper Draw
4 Man Fight Badr Hari Stefan Leko Badr Hari
4 Man Fight Arnold Oborotov Peter Graham Peter Graham
4 Man Finals Peter Graham Badr Hari Badr Hari
Superfight Jaideep Singh Fatih Ulusoy Fatih Ulusoy
Superfight Brian Douwes Srdjan Seles Brian Douwes
Superfight Erkan Varol Abbas Mollamahdi Erkan Varol
Superfight Gokhan Turkyilmaz Vaughn Donayre Vaugh Donayre
Superfight Luke Jumeau Hossein Mollamahdi Luke Jumeau
Superfight Darko Jeremic Kamran Morovati Kamran Morovati

GFC Fight Series 2 [5] took place on 16 October 2014 at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, with Moroccan Ismael Lazar emerging as winner of the AED 1 Million defeating Senegal's Sem Tevette by TKO in Round 2 in the final and advancing to the GFC Grand Prix. Mike Markham was the Ring announcer along with Steve Patrick Moore. Moroccan Badr Hari was supposed to fight French Patrice Quarteron in the Exhibition Superfight,[6] but the fight fell through. Patrice Quarteron was eventually replaced with Lithuanian Arnold Oborotov. Melvin Manhoef was replaced with Sem Tevette days before the fight due to an injury. He still came to support his replacement who lost the finals to Ismael Lazzar.

Fight Type Fighter Fighter Winner
Exhibition Badr Hari Arnold Oborotov Badr Hari
4 Man Fight Ismael Lazaar Tai Tuivasa Ismael Lazaar
4 Man Fight Mohamed Karim Sem Tevette Sem Tevette
4 Man Finals Ismael Lazaar Sem Tevette Ismael Lazaar
Superfight Adrian Gîrlonța Davoud Ojaghi Adrian Gîrlonța
Superfight Mohammad Mansoori Luke Jumeau Luke Jumeau
Superfight Ahmed Amir Hossein Mollamahdi Ahmed Amir
Superfight Erkan Varol Jamnian Srikam Jamnian Srikam
Superfight Fatih Ulusoy Srdjan Seles Fatih Ulusoy
Superfight Zabit Samedov Jafar Ahmadi Zabit Samedov

GFC Fight Series 3 is set to happen on 17 April 2015 at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium once again. Confirmed Fighters include Zabit Samedov, Danyo Ilunga, Ismael Lazaar, Fatih Ulusoy. Gokhan Saki is set to make an appearance in the main event against Sebastian Ciobanu.


Badr Hari vs Patrice Quarteron was the much awaited fight among fans for GFC Fighter Series 2. Due to Quarteron's unsportsmanlike conduct he was axed from the fight.[7] Hari went on to say "About Patrice... he has been saying a lot about me. I don't care, I have been though those kind of clowns many times so he's nothing special,". Quarteron had made quite a hype about the fight across all social media platforms bashing Hari with memes. He was eventually replaced with Arnold Oborotov who lost to Badr Hari by KO in round 1.[citation needed]


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