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Gongylonema pulchrum nematode from man Figure 2b.jpg
Head of male Gongylonema pulchrum, from human infection;[1] note characteristic bosses
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Order: Spirurida
Superfamily: Spiruroidea
Family: Gongylonematidae
Hall, 1916
Genus: Gongylonema
Molin, 1857
  • Gongylomene Vaullegeard., 1901
  • Gongylonemoides Lent & Freitas, 1937
  • Misonunus Petrov, 1910
  • Myzomimus Stiles, 1892
  • Progongylonema Hernandez-Rodriguez & Gutierrez-Palomino 1993

Gongylonema is a genus of thread-like nematode that was described by Molin in 1857. It is the only currently valid genus in the family Gongylonematidae, though the mysterious Spiruroides – usually placed in the Subuluridae, which are not closely related to Gongylonema among the Spiruria – might actually belong here. They are parasites of birds and mammals, transmitted by insects (especially beetles). Some 38 species are known, about 12 of which have been recorded in Europe.[2][3]

Several species are significant parasites of domestic animals, causing gongylonemiasis. Human infection by these nematodes is very rare: since its discovery fewer than 100 people have been reported to be infected with these parasites,[4] always with the species G. pulchrum.[1][5]



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