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Developer(s)Oracle Corporation
Preview release
1.0 RC7[1][2][3] / 2 October 2018; 2 months ago (2018-10-02)
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Written inJava
Operating systemLinux and macOS[4]
PlatformJava Virtual Machine
TypeJava dynamic compiler and runtime
LicenseCommunity Edition: GPLv2[5][6] Enterprise Edition: Trialware

GraalVM is an extension of the Java virtual machine to support more languages and execution modes. The Graal project includes a new high performance Java compiler, itself called Graal,[7][8] which can be used in a just-in-time configuration on the HotSpot VM, or in an ahead-of-time configuration on the SubstrateVM.

One objective of Graal is to improve the performance of Java virtual machine-based languages to match the performance of native languages.[9][10] Another goal, dubbed "Project Metropolis" or "Java-on-Java", is to implement a substitute for the substantial use of C++ within HotSpot.[11] A third goal is to allow freeform mixing of code from any programming language in a single program, billed as "polyglot applications".[9][12]


In association with GraalVM, Oracle developed a language abstract syntax tree interpreter called Truffle which would allow it to implement languages on top of the Graal framework.[13][14]

The Truffle framework was released under GPL version 2 with the classpath exception to encourage use of the framework for projects which do not want to be bound by the viral, copyleft nature of the GPL, while the Graal compiler remains under GPLv2 only.[15]

Ahead-of-Time Compilation[edit]

In September 2016, Oracle detailed plans to add ahead-of-time compilation to the OpenJDK using the Graal compiler for Java 9.[16][17] This proposal, tracked by the JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation, was included in Java 9.[18]

The experimental use of Graal as a just-in-time compiler was added for the Linux x64 platform for Java 10.[19]

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