Great Mosque of Malang

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Great Mosque of Malang
Masjid Agung Malang
Front Of Great Mosque Jami 'Malang.jpg
LocationMalang, East Java, Indonesia
StyleJavanese, Arabic

The Great Mosque of Malang is a mosque located in Malang, Indonesia. The mosque was built in 1890 and was completed in 1903, making it one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia. The mosque is square-shaped, constructed with steel, and has tajug (pyramid shaped rooftop ornament) on top. The original building is still maintained until today.


The Great Mosque of Malang in 1910.

The Great Mosque of Malang was established in 1890 on the land of the Goepernemen or state owned land of around 3,000 square meters. According to the existing inscriptions, the mosque was built in two stages. The first stage began in 1890, then the second stage began on 15 March 1903, and was completed on 13 September 1903. The building is a square-shaped steel structure with tajug roof on top, and although until now the original building is still maintained, the serambi (front porch) of the building was heavily altered, concealing the original architecture of the mosque just behind it.[1]

Architectural style[edit]

From its shape, the Great Mosque of Malang contains two architectural styles, namely Javanese architecture and Arabic architecture. Javanese architectural style is seen from the roof of the old part of the mosque in the form of tajug. While Arabic architectural style is seen from the dome form on the minarets of the mosque and also the construction of entrance arches in the front yard and window openings. The building is supported by four main pillars made of teak wood and shape of the other 20 columns are made similarly to the four main pillars, built with full tirakat and keihlasan prayers for maximum religious benefits.


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