Guayaquil Marathon

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Guayaquil Marathon
Guayaquil Marathon logo.jpg
Logo for the Guayaquil Marathon.
Date October
Location Guayaquil, Ecuador
Event type road
Distance Marathon
Established 2005
Course records 2:19:27 (M; 2009-10-04, Reuben Kipkemoi); 2:41:40 (F; 2005-10-02, Sandra Ruales)
Official site

The Guayaquil Marathon (Spanish: Maratón de Guayaquil) is a marathon race in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Held annually on the first Sunday of October, the race draws about 1200 participants. Most participants are from Ecuador; runners from Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, the United States, Kenya and other countries also participate.

The route both begins and ends at the 5 de Junio Bridge near Plaza Rodolfo Baquerizo, located at the Malecon del Salado. The course is mostly flat and visits many important locations in the city, including Parque Centenario, Guayaquil Municipal Museum, the Cerro Santa Ana Tunnels, and the Barcelona Sporting Club Stadium.

The Guayaquil Marathon is hosted by the government of Guayaquil municipality, and is certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS). DM3, a sports marketing company, is responsible for the organization of the race.

Men's Open Division[edit]

Year Winner Country Time Notes
2005 Juan Carlos Cardona  Colombia 2:20:05 Course Record
2006 Juan Carlos Cardona  Colombia 2:23:18 2nd Victory
2007 Bayron Piedra  Ecuador 2:20:58 1st Victory
2008 Bayron Piedra  Ecuador 2:20:42 2nd Victory
2009 Reuben Kipkemoi  Kenya 2:19:27 Course Record
2010 Fabián Cajamarca  Ecuador 2:25:52
2011 Marco Antonio Erazo  Ecuador 2:25:43
2012 Dimas Quingaluisa  Ecuador 2:26:21 1st Victory
2013 Dimas Quingaluisa  Ecuador 2:22:38 2nd Victory
2014 Dimas Quingaluisa  Ecuador 2:31:43 3rd Victory
2015 Dimas Quingaluisa  Ecuador 2:28:13 4th Victory
2016 Bayron Gutierrez  Ecuador 2:25:19

Women's Open Division[edit]

Year Winner Country Time Notes
2005 Sandra Ruales  Ecuador 2:41:40 Course Record
2006 Sandra Ruales  Ecuador 2:45:58 2nd Victory
2007 Nancy Rosero  Ecuador 2:49:30
2008 Sandra Ruales  Ecuador 2:50:40 3rd Victory
2009 Sandra Ruales  Ecuador 2:45:25 4th Victory
2010 Rose Jebet  Kenya 2:45:35
2011 Nancy Osorio  Ecuador 2:57:24
2012 Monica Cajamarca  Ecuador 3:03:05
2013 Olga Tabla  Colombia 2:50:32
2014 Carmen Molina  Ecuador 3:12:04
2015 Margaret Toroitich  Kenya 2:48:01
2016 Angela Brito  Ecuador 2:51:22

Victories by nationality[edit]

Country Men's
 Ecuador 9 9 18
 Colombia 2 1 3
 Kenya 1 2 3

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