HMS Powderham (M2720)

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Name: HMS Powderham
Namesake: Powderham
Builder: J. Samuel White
Launched: 27 November 1958
Completed: 22 May 1960
Fate: Became survey vessel Waterwitch, 1964. Sold 1986
General characteristics
Class and type: Ham-class minesweeper
Notes: Pennant number(s): M2720 / IMS57

HMS Powderham was one of 93 ships of the Ham class of inshore minesweepers.

Their names were all chosen from villages ending in -ham. The minesweeper was named after Powderham in Devon.

In 1960 she was selected to be converted to an inshore survey vessel and was renamed HMS Waterwitch. For a while she was manned by civilian Port Auxiliary Service personnel and was named PAS Waterwitch.

In December 1998 she was operated by a voluntary, non profit making group of ex Royal Navy and Merchant Navy personnel, who with the co-operation of participating local authorities and other interested organisations offered a shipboard training facility for disadvantaged young people.


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