HMS Tarpon (N17)

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For other ships of the same name, see HMS Tarpon.
Career (UK)
Builder: Scotts, Greenock
Laid down: 5 October 1937
Launched: 17 October 1939
Commissioned: 8 March 1940
Fate: sunk 14 April 1940[1]
TARPON badge-1-.jpg
General characteristics
Class and type: British T class submarine
Displacement: 1,090 tons surfaced
1,575 tons submerged
Length: 275 ft (84 m)
Beam: 26 ft 6 in (8.08 m)
Draught: 16.3 ft (5.0 m)
Propulsion: Two shafts

Twin diesel engines 2,500 hp (1.86 MW) each

Twin electric motors 1,450 hp (1.08 MW) each
Speed: 15.25 knots (28.7 km/h) surfaced
9 knots (20 km/h) submerged
Range: 4,500 nautical miles at 11 knots (8,330 km at 20 km/h) surfaced
Test depth: 300 ft (91 m) max
Complement: 59
Armament: 6 internal forward-facing torpedo tubes

4 external forward-facing torpedo tubes
6 reload torpedoes

4 inch (100 mm) deck gun

The second HMS Tarpon (N17) was a T-class submarine of the Royal Navy. She was laid down by Scotts, Greenock and launched in October 1939.


Tarpon had a short career, serving in the North Sea. She left Portsmouth on 5 April 1940 for Rosyth in company with HMS Severn. The following day they were ordered to Norway. On the 10th Tarpon was ordered to take up a new position. Tarpon was never heard from again. Post War German records showed that Tarpon had attacked the Q-ship Schiff 40/Schürbek, but her first torpedoes had missed. The Q-ship picked up the Tarpon on her sonar and her periscope was sighted. The ship dropped numerous depth charges in a sustained counterattack that went on most of the morning. Finally a pattern of depth charges brought wreckage to the surface. The Q-ship remained on the scene until 0500 the next morning until it became clear the submarine had been sunk. Tarpon was reported overdue on 22 April 1940.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 56°43′01″N 6°33′00″E / 56.717°N 6.55°E / 56.717; 6.55