List of submarines of the Royal Navy

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This is a list of Royal Navy submarines, arranged chronologically. Submarines that are currently active and commissioned are shown below in bold.

Petro-electric submarines[edit]

HMS Holland 1, the first submarine to serve in the Royal Navy
A-class submarines, the first British-designed class

Pre-Second World War[edit]

HMS G9 at Scapa Flow in 1917
HMS M2 with her sea plane
HMS Thorn

Second World War to mid-1950s[edit]

HMS Alliance at Gosport (where she is now part of the submarine museum) in 1987
HMS Voracious in 1945

Late 1950s to late 1980s[edit]

From HMS Porpoise Royal Navy submarines were given their own "S" pennant numbers.

A Valiant-class nuclear submarine. Whilst HMS Dreadnought had an American reactor, these were fully British-built
HMS Tireless at the North Pole

1990s to mid-2020s[edit]

HMS Astute being launched

Late 2020s onwards[edit]

  • Dreadnought class (PWR3 nuclear-powered ballistic missile)[2]
    • Dreadnought, ordered - first elements of construction underway in 2016[3]
    • Valiant, ordered
    • Warspite, ordered
    • King George VI, ordered

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