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Haggett Hall as seen from the Burke Gilman Trail

Haggett Hall is a set of two towers located in the northeast section of the University of Washington campus.[1] The set of buildings was named for Arthur Haggett (once Dean of the College of Liberal Arts), and his wife Winnifred Sunderlin Haggett (once the Dean of Women). The architects of Haggett Hall were Kirk, Wallace & McKinley & Assoc.[2][3]

Haggett Hall serves as one of the residence halls on the University of Washington campus. Each building contains a lobby and eight additional floors. Each floor contains approximately 25 rooms, most with the capacity to house two students. Each set of two floors share a common "lounge", with the exception of the seventh and eighth floors of the towers, which each have their own. Haggett Hall is unique in that its rooms are in the shapes of hexagons, each with a triangular closet.

The towers were originally designed to separate the men and women. The women's tower was the north tower and the men's tower was the south tower. The evidence of this used to be found in the bathrooms; the south tower had urinals but the north tower did not. The bathrooms of the south tower were renovated in 2006.[4] As of 2009, both towers are unisex.

Haggett Hall is the home to the Global Experience and Alcohol-Free (SAFE) communities. The eighth floor is where the SAFE community resides. While alcohol is prohibited from minors and drugs are prohibited throughout the dorms, the SAFE community goes a step further with residents committing to abstain from drugs or alcohol. The SAFE community has been known to throw an occasional root beer keggar.[5]


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