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The Harari National League (Amharic: የሓረሪ ብሔራዊ ሊግ?, Harari: ዚሐረሪ መሐዲያ ሊግ) is a political party in Ethiopia. Its chairman, Murad Abdullahi, is also president of the Harari Region.[1]

The party celebrated its tenth anniversary 25 August 2001, under the leadership of chairman Fuad Ibrahim.[2] It held its seventh party congress 30 November-1 December 2008, which was attended by almost 500 members and other participants.[1]

At the last legislative elections, 15 May 2005, the party elected Merwan Bedri Mohammed to represent a district at the Council of People's Representatives for the Harari Region.[3] In the August 2005 Regional assembly elections, the HNL won 18 of the 36 seats in the assembly of the Harari Region.[4]


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