Hartford Public High School

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Hartford Public High School
Original Hartford Public High School.jpg
The original school, on a 1911 postcard
55 Forest Street
Hartford, (Hartford County), Connecticut 06105
United States
Coordinates 41°45′54″N 72°42′04″W / 41.765°N 72.701°W / 41.765; -72.701Coordinates: 41°45′54″N 72°42′04″W / 41.765°N 72.701°W / 41.765; -72.701
Type Public school
Established 1638
Grades 912
Color(s) Blue and white         
Team name Owls

Hartford Public High School, in Hartford, Connecticut, was founded in 1638. It is the second-oldest public secondary school in the United States,[1] after the Boston Latin School. It is part of the Hartford Public Schools district.


The school was founded as Thomas Hooker's Latin school in 1638. By the 18th century it was known as the Hartford Grammar School and taught Greek and Latin, which were subjects necessary to young men planning to enter college and prepare for the ministry. English subjects were added in 1847 and the name was changed to Hartford Public High School.[citation needed]

Modern school[edit]

The school, which serves grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Hartford Public Schools.

Hartford Public is located in Nook Farm, in the southwest corner of the Asylum Hill neighborhood in the capital city of Hartford, Connecticut. The school abuts the Harriet Beecher Stowe House and the Mark Twain House.

The school population comprises about 1300 students.

It has been nicknamed "HPHS," "Hartford High," "Hartford Public" and "THE PUB". Its official mascot is an owl.[citation needed]

Hartford Public is known for numerous state championships in swimming, football, basketball, and wrestling, dating from the early 20th century through to the present day.[citation needed]

The school has been relocated and remodeled several times during its 350-year existence.[citation needed] It experienced the largest remodeling project in decades,[when?] which includes a new field house, new classrooms, and a complete change in its exterior design. The project included demolishing the existing building to the structural skeleton. New construction restored the school's historic character and included new landscaping, architecture, engineering and telecommunications.

Smaller learning communities/academies[edit]

The academies at HPHS are "smaller learning communities" designed to provide a nurturing atmosphere to assist each student.[citation needed]

Academy of Engineering and Green Technology
The Technology Academy is a smaller learning community for students in grades 9 through 12. It provides an exemplary high school education that prepares students for post-secondary education and employment. Students explore many areas of technology, which include desktop publishing, digital photography, computer refurbishing, networking, design engineering, manufacturing, and robotics.

Law and Government Academy
The Law and Government Academy serves students in grades 9 through 12. It provides students with a small learning environment focused on guiding high school graduates to police and fire academies, community service careers, and legal careers, as well as two- and four-year colleges and universities. The academy is focused on developing strong and capable citizens who can take on leadership roles throughout their community. One of its highlighted attributes is an internship with the city of Hartford.

Nursing Academy
The Nursing Academy is a smaller learning community for students in grades 9 through 12. The academy provides students with a small learning environment which focuses on health care careers. Each of the strands of technology that are concentrated in this academy focus on career opportunities with job shadowing, mentorships, and internships.

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