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Harvest House
Harvest House logo.jpg
FounderBob Hawkins, Sr.
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationEugene, Oregon
Distributionself-distributed (US)
Foundation Distributing (Canada)
Koorong, Word Australia (Australia)
Christian Art Distributors (South Africa)
CLC International, Inter-Varsity Press (UK)
Soul Distributors (New Zealand)[1]
Key peopleBob Hawkins, Jr., President
Publication typesBooks
Official websiteharvesthousepublishers.com

Harvest House Publishers is a Christian publishing company founded in 1974 in Irvine, California, United States, and is now located in Eugene, Oregon. It publishes Christian fiction and non-fiction books, coming out with over 160 new books a year.[2] It publishes The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics which has been described as defending "the basic historical reliability of the gospels, as most good apologetics books today do, and then proceeds to go the extra mile to unapologetically commend and defend the doctrine of inerrancy."[3]

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