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Hassan, Hasan, Hassane, Haasana, Hassaan, Asan, Hassun, Hasun, Hassen, Hasson or Hasani may refer to:


  • Hassan (given name), Arabic given name and a list of people with that given name
  • Hassan (surname), Arabic, Hebrew, Irish and Scottish surname and a list of people with that surname





North America[edit]

Sporting events[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Hassans, the largest law firm in Gibraltar
  • Hasan (hadith), the categorization of a hadith's authenticity as acceptable for use as a religious evidence
  • Hassan Uprising (1903-1904), a rebellion among the Moro people during the Philippine–American War
  • Hassan (character), a character from the Pakistani drama serial Dastaan
  • Hassan, a 1922 play by James Elroy Flecker

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