Hawick television relay station

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Hawick television relay station is located in Scottish Borders
Mast height 25 metres (82 ft)
Coordinates 55°25′27″N 2°46′33″W / 55.4243°N 2.7759°W / 55.4243; -2.7759Coordinates: 55°25′27″N 2°46′33″W / 55.4243°N 2.7759°W / 55.4243; -2.7759
Built 1975
Relay of Selkirk
BBC region BBC Scotland
ITV region ITV Border

Hawick television relay station is a relay transmitter of Selkirk, situated on top of the Miller's Knowes, in Hawick, covering the whole of the town. It is especially used by people north of the Teviot who cannot receive transmissions from Selkirk. It is owned and operated by Arqiva.

Services listed by frequency[edit]

Analogue television[edit]

These services were closed down on 20 November 2008. BBC Two Scotland was previously closed on 6 November.

Frequency UHF kW Service
487.25 MHz 23 0.05 ITV1
511.25 MHz 26 0.05 BBC Two Scotland
535.25 MHz 29 0.05 Channel 4
567.25 MHz 33 0.05 BBC One Scotland

Digital television[edit]

BBC A began broadcasting on 6 November 2008, Digital 3&4 on 20 November 2008, and BBC B on 30 November 2010.

Frequency UHF kW Operator
490.0 MHz 23 0.01 Digital 3&4
514.0 MHz 26 0.01 BBC A
538.0 MHz 29 0.01 BBC B

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