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Highlander may refer to:

In regional cultures[edit]

  • Highlander, a person from the Scottish Highlands
  • Montañés, lit. "Highlanders", a term sometimes used to denote the people of Cantabria in northern Spain
  • Gorals, lit. "Highlanders", a culture in southern Poland and northern Slovakia
  • Malësor or Malok, lit. "Highlander" is a term used for a person from Malësia (Highlands) in Albania
  • Highlanders (горцы), term for the people of the North Caucasus
  • Merina people, an ethnic group from the central plateau of Madagascar
  • Degar, or Montagnards, various ethnic groups in the highlands of Vietnam
  • Highlander, a term sometimes used by Ethiopian and Eritrean lowlanders for a person from the Ethiopian Highlands
  • Highlanders, or "Southern Highlanders," sometimes used to denote the mountain people of Southern Appalachia in the eastern United States

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