Himuro Shrine

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Himuro Shrine (氷室神社)
Himuro-jinja 20150326.jpg
The torii of Himuro Jinja
Himuro Shrine is located in Japan
Himuro Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates34°41′04″N 135°50′16″E / 34.68440°N 135.83788°E / 34.68440; 135.83788Coordinates: 34°41′04″N 135°50′16″E / 34.68440°N 135.83788°E / 34.68440; 135.83788
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Himuro Shrine (氷室神社, Himuro Jinja) is a Shinto shrine in Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 710. Kami enshrined here include Emperor Nintoku and Nukata no Onakatsuhiko no Mikoto (額田大仲彦命). The shrine's main festival is held annually on October 1.


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