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Holton Village Halt
Station site in 2007.
Place Holton-le-Clay
Area East Lindsey
Original company Great Northern Railway
Post-grouping London and North Eastern Railway
Eastern Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
11 December 1905 Opened
11 September 1961 Closed
December 1980 Closure of line
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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Holton Village Halt was a railway halt on the East Lincolnshire Railway[1] which served the village of Holton-le-Clay in Lincolnshire between 1905 and 1961. The station, which opened as part of a new motor train service between Grimsby and Louth, was the second station to serve the village after Holton-le-Clay and Tetney situated further to the south. The line through Holton-le-Clay remained open for freight until December 1980.


The station was opened on 11 December 1905[2] to coincide with the introduction of a motor train service by the Great Northern Railway.[3] It was the second station opened on the East Lincolnshire Line to serve the village of Holton-le-Clay in Lincolnshire. Holton-le-Clay and Tetney had opened in 1848[2] but was over a mile to the south of the village and more convenient for Tetney to the east,[4] whilst Holton Village Halt was in the village itself.[3] The station had two low parallel railmotor platforms to the south of a level crossing over Tetney Lane, with a timber waiting shelter and lamp on each platform.[5] A stationhouse was situated on the north side of the crossing.[6] It was of more substantial construction than the other halts on the line,[7] such as Grainsby Halt which was unlit and had only one passenger shelter.[8]

Although the July 1922 timetable shows that passenger services only called at the station upon request, [9] by August 1961 a total of seven trains from Grimsby called on weekdays, with an extra train running on Fridays.[7] The station closed to passengers on 11 September 1961;[10] it outlasted the earlier Holton-le-Clay station to the south by six years.[10]

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line and station closed
  Great Northern Railway
East Lincolnshire Line
Line and station closed

Present day[edit]

The halt was demolished by British Rail long before final closure of the line in December 1980 and little remains of it today.[11][12] The level crossing gates to the south have survived and the stationhouse is in private occupation.[6] The village of Holton-le-Clay has expanded over the fields which bordered the line, which has led one author to speculate that the East Lincolnshire Railway, if it had remained open, would have become a vital link between the village and Grimsby.[7]

On 28 September 1991, a Light Railway Order authorised the reinstatement of the East Lincolnshire Railway between Waltham and the former Keddington Road level crossing near Louth, which would include the line up to Holton-le-Clay station.[13]

The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway plans to extend the line up to Holton-Le-Clay station. The former village halt has now been built over with a housing development and the track bed to the south re-developed.


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