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For the electric tramway station, see Immingham Dock electric railway station.
Immingham Dock
Immingham Dock 7 1960.jpg
July 1960
Place Immingham
Area North East Lincolnshire
Coordinates 53°37′53″N 0°11′23″W / 53.6313°N 0.1896°W / 53.6313; -0.1896Coordinates: 53°37′53″N 0°11′23″W / 53.6313°N 0.1896°W / 53.6313; -0.1896
Grid reference TA198164
Original company Great Central Railway
Pre-grouping Great Central Railway
Post-grouping London and North Eastern Railway
Platforms 1[1][2]
about 1922 opened, replacing Immingham Western Jetty station
17 June 1963 Barton and Immingham Light Railway closed
6 October 1969 closed[3]
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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Immingham Dock railway station served the dock at Immingham, Lincolnshire, England.


Immingham Dock was opened on 22 July 1912 by the Great Central Railway at a point where the deep water channel came close to the Lincolnshire bank of the River Humber.

In order to get their workers from Kingston upon Hull, Barton upon Humber, New Holland and surrounding villages to the dock the company built the Barton and Immingham Light Railway, which terminated at the temporary Immingham Western Jetty railway station[4] near to the curving embankment which carried trains up to the Western Jetty itself.

The temporary station lasted for some years. The July 1922 "Bradshaw" shows Immingham Western jetty as the line's terminus,[5] whilst a photograph of a locomotive in Great Central livery using the permanent replacement Immingham Dock station[6] suggests the handover took place around 1922. The new station was nearer the dock gates.[7][8]

Dock workers from the Grimsby direction were catered for by the Grimsby and Immingham Electric Railway, an inter-urban tram system which also terminated at a station named Immingham Dock. Trains and trams at the two stations faced each other from opposite sides of the dock's entrance lock gates.

The station had a single curving platform[9] with a run round facility and a small pagoda - style station building which housed the usual facilities. The platform was constructed in wood,[10][11] later rebuilt with concrete supports.[12] Services were provided from New Holland, leaving what is now the Barton Line south of Goxhill, passing through East Halton and Killingholme stations before reaching Immingham.

The station escaped closure when passenger services were withdrawn from the branch on 17 June 1963 because a service which had been provided since at least 1954[13] via Ulceby was upgraded from unadvertised workmen's trains[11] to publicly timetabled passenger trains. These ran from Cleethorpes, calling at New Clee, Grimsby Docks and Grimsby Town then non-stop via Habrough, at times coinciding with dock workers' shift changes.[14] This service was withdrawn on 6 October 1969 when the station finally closed.

On 7 October 1967 a RCTS railtour visited the station.[15]

By 2015 no trace of the station remained.

Former Services
Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Killingholme   Great Central Railway
Barton and Immingham Light Railway
1922 - 1963
Grimsby Town
Non-stop via Ulceby
  British Railways
1954 - 1969


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