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French: [yɡo]
Spanish: [ˈuɣo]
German: [ˈhuːɡoː]
Dutch: [ˈɦʏˌɣo]
Finnish: [ˈhuɡo]
Language(s)German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, Finnish
Name dayCzech Republic: April 1
Germany: April 29
Estonia: February 3
Croatia: April 29, October 8 & November 26
Latvia: November 17
Poland: April 1, April 29 & November 17
Slovakia: April 1
Sweden: November 3
MeaningMind, spirit
Region of originGermania
Other names
Related namesHugh, Hugues (given name), Ugo, Hauke, Huw

Hugo is a surname and male given name of Germanic origin Hugo, meaning "mind".[1] The English version of the name is Hugh, the Italian version is Ugo. For detailed history and etymology of the name, see Hugh (given name).

Hugo is one of the most popular given names in Europe, ranking as high as #9 in Spain,[2] and #8 in Belgium in 2006.[3] April 1 is the name day of Hugo in many European countries.

Notable people[edit]

Hugo as a surname[edit]

Hugo as a given name[edit]

Fictional Hugos[edit]


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